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#183 - Guess Watts For Dinner
Mia, Luthor, and Aibo arrive at a restaurant, Mia holding onto Aibo's harness. Luthor turns to the maitre'd, 'Two, please'. He asks, 'Would you like me to take this outside?', pointing at Aibo. Mia is enraged, 'No! This is a service robot! As my guide, legally it's allowed anywhere I go.' 'Uh' the matere'd stammers, before Mia continues coldly, 'Anywhere.' Then the maitre'd leans in 'Actually miss, we provide complimentary level 3 charging for all plug-in vehicles and robots.' Taken aback, Mia replies, 'Wow.. sorry.. that's uh, very nice'. He continues, 'At 480 volts and 63 amps, it sure is'. Cut to aibo in a parking lot with Priuses on either side. Sparks are shooting out and he's going 'Awww Jyeaaaahh'.