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#1 - In Real Life, She Played Along For Hours
Mia enters the room with a small carry-on, as Sydney sits on the couch playing videogames. A 'Hadoken' is offscreen. Sydney says 'Hey, how was your trip'. Mia replies 'Well, not so bad'. Sydney 'Any crisies of character'. Mia 'Only one this time. I'd just pre-boarded and was starting to nod off and this guy started talking to me. For 45 minutes, he was showing me his itouch. I tried to tell him I couldn't see what he was doing, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise. so I started obsessing. How do I tell him? Why do I feel I have to say something. It's been an hour should I tell him. And on top of that, the flight attendant gave me a bag of something. Meh, probably peanuts, but what if they're pretzels? *hungry smiley* I can't get this thing open! Next panel Sydney says 'Sounds like quite the dilemma'. Mia 'I finally came up with a solution, I sarted thinking, what would she-ra do in this situation? (scene of she-Ra holding sword aloft). Cut to Mia on the plane poppping the mystery bag with her cane, shouting 'For the Honor of Greyskull'

December 29, 2019
Sure, Superman III was a pretty bad movie, but if you were under 10 the first time you saw it, there was one scene that was pure nightmare fuel, and it's when Vera (Annie Ross) gets sucked into the computer.