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#1 - In Real Life, She Played Along For Hours
Mia enters the room with a small carry-on, as Sydney sits on the couch playing videogames. A 'Hadoken' is offscreen. Sydney says 'Hey, how was your trip'. Mia replies 'Well, not so bad'. Sydney 'Any crisies of character'. Mia 'Only one this time. I'd just pre-boarded and was starting to nod off and this guy started talking to me. For 45 minutes, he was showing me his itouch. I tried to tell him I couldn't see what he was doing, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise. so I started obsessing. How do I tell him? Why do I feel I have to say something. It's been an hour should I tell him. And on top of that, the flight attendant gave me a bag of something. Meh, probably peanuts, but what if they're pretzels? *hungry smiley* I can't get this thing open! Next panel Sydney says 'Sounds like quite the dilemma'. Mia 'I finally came up with a solution, I sarted thinking, what would she-ra do in this situation? (scene of she-Ra holding sword aloft). Cut to Mia on the plane poppping the mystery bag with her cane, shouting 'For the Honor of Greyskull'