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#315 - 意図せず誇張

TRANSLATION: From the creator of "AnvilMan" and "AnvilMan and Friends" comes an incredibly stupid story. UNINTENTIONALLY PRETENTIOUS. A New York City blind girl, her robot guide dog, and her cheerful roommate. A love story witten in braille. "Aibo! The guide dog robot and Emissary from Hell"

Well, the day has finally come. Due to the success of manga to low-budget dramas like "恋です!~ヤンキー君と白杖ガール~", I've sold the rights to Unintentionally Pretentious to Japanese television conglomerate Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS).

While the premise is largely the same, certain meta-elements like it being a comic within a comic have been removed, as these were deemed too "American" for Japanese audiences.

Casting for the show is complete as of March 31st. The character of Mia [ミア] is played by Kyoko Yoshinaga [吉永 キョコ] , star of the hit J-Drama "Certainly, This is not my Squid". Sydney is being played by disgraced AKB idol Natsuko Morine [森ね 夏子], who was caught last year laughing without her hand over her mouth. Luthor [ルーサー] is Ryota Machi [街 リョタ], who played the friendly 7-11 convenience store owner Yuta in the long running children's series "How Dare You; I'll Kill You!".

The character of Aibo [相棒], the Mōdōken Robot and Emissary From Hell is being animated by a third party yet to be named. The character of the Floating Head Director has been changed to a "virtual talento" to provide reaction cues to the audience.

Even with these changes, TBS promises to be respectful of the source material.

An accompanying manga more loosely based on the material [冒険! ミアとシドニーが宇宙へ!- Adventure! Mia & Sydney in Outer Space!] is currently slated for Q4.