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#2 - The Attack of Eddie Munster!
Sydney and Mia are walking a movie theater, with a poster of a Twilight parody called 'ZOMG Vampire Teenz'. Sydney says 'Did you know they totally changed the end of Twilight? Kiefer Sutherland swoops down on top of Edward, and worries him like a husky with a chew toy!' cut to Kiefer reprising his Lost Boys role, biting Edward going 'Om nom nom'. Last panel Mia exclaims 'Lies!' Then Sydney replies, 'and then, he takes out, like 50 terrorists!'

December 29, 2019
Sure, Superman III was a pretty bad movie, but if you were under 10 the first time you saw it, there was one scene that was pure nightmare fuel, and it's when Vera (Annie Ross) gets sucked into the computer.