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#184 - Granted, It Was The Wrong Head
Mia and Luthor are sitting in the restaurant, illuminated by a small tea light. 'Not good form on my part, huh' says Mia sheepishly. 'A bit heavy-handed, that's all' replies Luthor. 'Maybe', Mia continues, 'I totally read that guy wrong. Prolly thinks I'm an ass, an rightfully so.' Luthor says, 'hey, maybe they should put bump dots on people, helpful or unhelpful'. Mia then says, 'Back in high school, many a boy's head was adorned with such a tactile code. They all spelled the same thing, though... hair-trigger virgin' as Luthor goes white with shock, clutching his heart.

December 29, 2019
Sure, Superman III was a pretty bad movie, but if you were under 10 the first time you saw it, there was one scene that was pure nightmare fuel, and it's when Vera (Annie Ross) gets sucked into the computer.