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#182 - Remote Control
Mia's hand is seen, searching the floor along the bottom of the couch, 'Where's the remote?' Next panel shows Mia lying on the couch, leaning half over. Near her hand is her cane, lying on the floor partially folded. Sydney is sitting on the floor against the couch, 'I got it. I want to see how aliens shaped Ancient Rome'. Next panel shows Mia extending the cane with an audible Ka-snikt. Sydney laughs, 'Nuh uh! That's for finding curbs and tripping slow walkers'. Close up on Sydney as she continues, 'Seriously, that was your plan? you can't use that to change the channel'. 'No, you are' says Mia, as the tip of the cane pokes Sydney's nose, as she looks at it cross-eyed disgustedly grunting, 'Hnuhhh'