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#171 - Gray Matters
Mia and Syd are walking down the street. Mia is bringing up the graph from the last strip, that linear progressions don't always pan out, Sydney replies, 'I know. It was fun though'. Mia continues, 'If that were the case, the agents in matrix 3 would be as tough as newborn-Gah!' as a large androgenous person accidentally knocks her over from behind with a curt 'cuse me'. 'what the hell, stop that guy' Mia yells after being knocked to the ground as Syd takes a fighting stance, 'it's not a guy I think' what?' Last panel has Syd continuing 'remember that time I tried to describe gray?' 'grays aren't real. they're a redneck legend, like leprechauns in Ireland' as her assilant stands over then, muttering 'Dis eez da vorst comic ever'