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#170 - The Linear Progression of Street Fighter
A line graph projecting the dates of past, present and future SF games. SF1, 8/30/1987, Ken, Ryu same guy. SF2 3/15/1991, All your quarters gone forever. SF3 2/4/1997, Best game nobody played. SF4 7/18/08 sprite Ryu replaced by CG artichoke with Barbara Bush eyes (bad drawing of ryu creating a hadoken). SF5, 4/16/2013 Dan left as the only shotoclone not dead of hyperthyroidism. SF6 12/7/2021 Chun Li dies. for Bison, it was still only a Tuesday. SF7 1/7/2030 Karin Kanzuki homeless after Little House on the Prairie suits pile up (sad pic of Karin). SF8 9/17/2036 Dhalsim's opus adult film 'Yoga Facials 17' breaks the $1T mark (censored pic of Dhalsim).  SF9 2/2/2045 Presdent Blanka wins a second term. SF10 6/24/2052 entire cast dead. Sakura becomes stringy-haired ghost.

December 29, 2019
Sure, Superman III was a pretty bad movie, but if you were under 10 the first time you saw it, there was one scene that was pure nightmare fuel, and it's when Vera (Annie Ross) gets sucked into the computer.