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#170 - The Linear Progression of Street Fighter
A line graph projecting the dates of past, present and future SF games. SF1, 8/30/1987, Ken, Ryu same guy. SF2 3/15/1991, All your quarters gone forever. SF3 2/4/1997, Best game nobody played. SF4 7/18/08 sprite Ryu replaced by CG artichoke with Barbara Bush eyes (bad drawing of ryu creating a hadoken). SF5, 4/16/2013 Dan left as the only shotoclone not dead of hyperthyroidism. SF6 12/7/2021 Chun Li dies. for Bison, it was still only a Tuesday. SF7 1/7/2030 Karin Kanzuki homeless after Little House on the Prairie suits pile up (sad pic of Karin). SF8 9/17/2036 Dhalsim's opus adult film 'Yoga Facials 17' breaks the $1T mark (censored pic of Dhalsim).  SF9 2/2/2045 Presdent Blanka wins a second term. SF10 6/24/2052 entire cast dead. Sakura becomes stringy-haired ghost.