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#161 - A Night At The Opera 1
Mia enters the living room and lies down on the couch wearing a facial mask, complete with cucumber slices next to Sydney. Syd asks if she has a big date ahead of her, she replies, 'Luthor's comin' over in a few hours, and then we're going to the opera. I like it but I'm just beat today. I don't think I can sit for 3 hours without zonkin' out. *YAWWN* You've got plans for tonight?'.  Syd tells her, 'A bunch of us from work are getting together in 30 for beer and wings... but (getting up) you've inspired me to get a salad.' to which Mia snorts. Last panel has the room darknened with Mia on the couch asleep, the mask dripping awkwardly off her face