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#160 - Un Bon Horkeur En Fait Hork Deux
Sydney appears holding a stick, yelling 'Here's Johnny!' A caption appears reading 'Oh Dramatic Sydney, will I ever get tired of drawing you?' Mia's standing across the room, '*Yawwwnn* It's 3am, what's the racket?', to which Syd exclaims, 'The cat! It's horked on me for the last time! I'm going to shove this stick up it's asterisk!'. Mia steps closer, 'Jeez, Syd... It's just a hairball. you're making this into too big of a dea-', as she steps into a pile of cat hork, upon which she herself turns green and makes a hrrk sound.. Last panel has mia doubled over throwing up, as Syd runs in super slo mo yelling, 'Nooooo!'