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#114 - Measured in Kilohertz
First panel has Mia and Sydney sitting in director's chairs. Sydney, 'I'd like to take a moment and show some of our old sketch comedy. This is from a bit called...' Next panel shows a ship in the oceean at night during a thundstorm and a man yelling 'man overboard'. The caption is 'The Little Mermaid'. The next panel shows a man (Luthor with blonde hair) falling into the water with a loud 'Sploosh'. the next panels show him drowning as a mermaid Mia attempts to communicate with him. 'hi there, My name's Mia. Nice to meetcha.... hello? did I scare ya off or somethin'?. Then it has the man lying drowned on the ocean floor, as Mia ponders 'Where'd he go off to? I suppose I could use echolocation to find him again. Last panel has her screeching loudly over the body.