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#113 - Luthor Takes The Purple Pill
Continued from 110, Sydney sits Luthor and Mia on the couch for a lecture on their issue. 'Mia, don't get all moany because Luth has a complex. I say we handle this like responsible adults. I've got it. I have two options. In one hand I have the freaky contacts you sold me (referencing comic #63). You two can laugh, cry and have an educational experience worthy of an afterschool special. and in the other hand, I have the cure to you obvious inhibition problem (beer!). So what'll it be?. Next panel, Luthor's tottering, having obviously chosen both, asking Mia 'hon, can you stop all the nothings from spinning?', while Mia smiles 'Just so you know, i'm totally going to take advantage of you', as Sydney dances awkwardly with a lampshade, blurting out 'lampshade hanging', invoking the writer's trick of dealing with any element of a story that threatens the audience's willing suspension of disbelief, such as this rather implausible plot development, - by calling attention to it... and then moving on.