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#207 - Katawa SoHo
Mia and Sydney are walking down the street. Mia: Bad news. Luthor can't come to th' con with us. Syd: So? Bring the dog. Mia: aibo's batteries won't last walkin around all day. (Syd starts getting angry) Mia: Look, I know we already agreed on our theme but can't ya. Syd, cutting her off: NO! I earned her ending, I get to play her. Mia: Yeah, but Rin doesn't have any-. Sydney, cutting her off again: It's too late! I already dyed my hair! Mia: Crap, really? Syd pauses, looking away guiltily as this is not true: .......Yes. you'll just have to find another way to navigate. cut to them at the convention dressed as Katawa Shoujo characters, Sydney as Rin who has no arms, and Lilly, who is blind. Mia is holding a leash tethered awkwardly to Sydney's neck. Syd: You're enjoying this too (bleeping) much, 'Lily'. Mia: (in character) Ara ara, let's get some merch!