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#180 - The Curse Of Keri Russell
Behind the scenes, slydon (your humble director as a floating head) is yelling at Sydney, who's sporting a shorter bob haircut. 'what the hell happened to your head?!' Syd replies, 'It's just a trim, N B D.'. Slydon, 'No big deal?!' 'Exactly' says Sydney as Slydon continues spouting about continuity, that it isn't even expository, and just blurting out 'Felicity!'. Mia walks in, 'Hi guys, what's the noise?' as Sydney tries to calm him down, 'Relax. We have 40 readers. Nobody'll care that I got a little haircut'. Mia stops in her tracks, 'Wait, what? We can have haircuts?!' before falling to the ground in a heap, holding her head in her hands, 'Nobody told me! I haven't had a haircut in 3 years!', as Syd looks bad admonishingly, 'Look what you did!'.