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  #166 - Nurse Stimpy
Mia walks into Luthor's room, who's lying sick in bed., asking, 'Hey Sicky Woo. How're you feelin?' to which he replies, 'Blegh and more blegh'. She sits on the bed, feeling his forehead, 'Poor thing... you want me to make ya some tea', to which he groans, 'I'm tea'd out'. Mia stands, 'But you've gotta have some fluids. I'll make you a nice hot chocolate'. Luthor raises a hand, 'No, that's okay, you don't have to... alight on the left next to the stove.'. Last panel has closeup on Luthor's horrified face while Mia makes ripping sounds off-screen, 'Gravy, gravy, more gravy, jello..'