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#164 - A Night At The Opera Finale - Classical Conditioning
Syd welcomes Mia and Luthor who are returning from the opera. Syd exclaims, 'Oh my God! Check out the belle of the ball.' to which Mia sheepishly thanks her, but Luthor chimes in with 'Pure hotness'. Then she turns to Luthor, 'And look at you, Luthor. you clean up pretty we' trailing off. close up on both faces as Syd looks transfixed on Luthor, before blushing and running away with a 'hold that thought, I gotto go somewhere'. Luthor turns to mia, 'what the heck was that about?' to which Mia responds blankly, 'no clue'. We see Sydney in her room, with Beta's detached head on her desk. She points to it, 'this is all your fault', as it says 'proximity sensor engaged', lolling out it's tongue. 'No, this is all Pavlov's fault', blushing redder as it begins to vibrate it's tongue, making obscene licking noises.