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#156 - The Brony Effect
Sean appears (as a floating head) before Syd and Mia, saying 'great nerws, the tally from '11 is in'. When a nonplussed Syd replies 'Yeah?'', he continues, 'Popularity's up, and the bulk of new readers are women.' He continues, 'I've decided to pander to our new female majority.. behold!', as Syd points out to Mia 'This can't be good.' Next panel shows a cartoonified Syd and Mia grinning wildly, flying over a My Little Pony-esque fairyland with the captions Yaaaey best friends forever and Magical flying and sh#$. Next panel has Sean in the real world looking at his computer, Gendo Ikari-style, saying 'ohhoh my'. Last panel shows readership stats, with male readers 25-35 increasing exponentially