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#142 - If You See Something, Say Something
Mia is sitting on the subway wearing sunglasses, but is sitting on her cane when Arthur enters. When he says 'Hi again, can I sit here'. Mia, obviously not immediately recognizing him, says 'Sure, do I know you?'. Taken aback, Arthur says 'Uh.. I guess not then...but I think I just met your sister last night.'. Mia laughs saying 'hahaha what?'. Arthur clarifies, 'She looked a lot like you. Even sounded like you. It's uncanny.' Then cuts off her confused 'really? Are you sure...' with 'They say everyone has a doppleganger. We're meeting on 20th St. if you want to meet yours.' as Mia starts to put the pieces together, 'Waitaminit... that's... where... I'm going..'. Last panel has him continuing, 'You have to see for yourself' as she sits fuming, confirmed of both his identity, and that he's an idiot.